Sneak Peek Again!

26 Feb

More sneak peek pages!!

I am really trying to wrap things up today, here are a few more pages for your viewing pleasure.

Some of you might know that I don’t eat meat, so you might be wondering, what’s with the prime rib, Amanda?!

1. My Dad and Grandpa both take good care of me, and they cooked and ate it. I just took the food photography!

2. I am trying to be really honest in this book, these are the recipes that my family loves and has passed down, so I am trying to include everything, even if it’s not my favorite food!


Prime Rib

Mac n Tomatoes, comfort food!

I also want to share with you another project I have been working on. The identity for my senior show, which begins with the postcard (the postcard is the formal invite to the show that gets sent all over town to friends, family and faculty!) Here is the front of the postcard that myself and three others have been working on. We designed a custom typeface, cut out the 3D typography out of wood, painted it, and photographed it in this crazy urban graffiti spray paint booth scene.

Bling! Flash! Art! (and ya, thats the title of our senior thesis show, we don't mess around with being shy).


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