Cooking Dairy Free

27 Jan

You’re probably wondering where the heck I have been!! I have had the flu all week, it’s just not winter until you get the flu! I haven’t felt like cooking, or eating much for that matter. But today I started to get hungry, and since it’s been blizzarding all week and I have been sick, soup seemed like the perfect meal!

My mom got this awesome cookbook for me for Christmas. It’s become my new favorite, the pages are already getting sticky fingerprints which is a tell tale sign that it’s a great cookbook. It’s a vegan cookbook, but don’t flip out! It’s not scary at all! The author uses really simple ingredients, things that I am able to find at my local produce section. People always assume things so quickly when they hear the word vegan, that it’s going to be rabbit food, and tofu. But this is so wrong! I’ve realized that cooking without dairy for me is a great challenge, it’s about finding a way to cook my favorite foods without dairy, but still have flavorful, creamy, rich meals. I’m not vegan, even though I don’t eat dairy (due to an allergy) and most meats, but vegan recipes are the easiest way for me to be inspired and not tempted by things like cheese, and well…cheese. (It’s been a difficult break up, but we are moving on, we’re seeing other people). Oh, and did I mention that the cookbook is organized by color!! Because we all know we need to eat more colorful food! It’s good recipes and it’s well designed, what else do you need? And no, the author isn’t paying me to brag, it’s just a cookbook I really believe in.

I made two recipes out of this cookbook today, the first is a butternut squash soup. I thought this would be great for curing the flu because it has tons of onion, ginger, and garlic, wonderful for knocking a cold right out of ya! This soup is super easy, you just roughly chop up all your ingredients (which I love, you don’t have to spend a lot of time chopping), boil, and puree. The ingredients were simple, onion, garlic, ginger, potato, squash, o.j., and vegetable broth. And it’s rich and creamy, almost like a cream based soup!

The soup & the book!

The second recipe I made was a blueberry breakfast bar. Delicious granola like bar with gooey blueberry raspberry filling. Luckily I have some frozen blueberries from this summer! Also contains flaxseed, a ingredient I am trying to start to cook with more! Tip: I ground up some flaxseed (it’s nutrients more effective if the shells are broken) and put the leftovers in shaker container that I store in my freezer. This way I have no excuse not to shake some flax seed on all my meals.


Even though this blog is about me trying to accurately cook my way through my family history I sometimes cheat. (gasp!) I am guilty of substituting cream and butter with dairy free options (vegan butter, and almond milk mainly). Feel free to experiment with substitutions, there is no law that says family recipes have to remain exactly the same, nobody will notice if you use almond milk and lemon juice instead of buttermilk in grandmas biscuits, so why not do it, if it means a healthier you! (and remember, when you are sick it is best to stay away from dairy anyway!)


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