Egg cream and okra… please enjoy separately.

8 Jan

Today is my last day of Christmas Break. Okay, well, tomorrow is Sunday, so I have 1 more day. But today is my last day at home. Finishing up final photographs, and gathering last recipes. Tuesday is my first senior show class! I am so ready to get started working on the design of my cookbook, now that I have a lot of the photography and research done. Here are some little morsels to enjoy!

Copying down some old recipes from home, my mom got a lot of these recipes from her mom, and she got them from her mom, before she moved from Missouri to Michigan, in 1987. In the early 90's she got a typewriter and converted the recipes to typed recipe cards.

Silver dollar pancakes, or Country House pancakes. A very thin pancake, unique flavor, has yeast in it that makes it very different from a thick fluffy pancake. No other pancake compares!

Pancakes with blueberries from Beulah MI, my parents froze them this summer, like a little taste of summer! This is one of my favorite meals.

My great grandma Ellis's cole slaw, my cousin Heather sent me this recipe, it is a lot like my moms recipe. I love this slaw, it is a vinegary slaw, perfect with fish.

This is an egg cream. My grandma used to make these for me as a special treat. Egg creams originated in Brooklyn New York, in the 1880's. I have no idea where my grandma learned to make them, but they are delightful. And no, it does not contain egg! It is chocolate syrup, milk (or milk substitute for those of us who can't eat dairy), and seltzer water or club soda. If the straw doesn't stand up in the foam then your egg cream is not foamy enough!

Fried okra, what can I say, it is...heavenly. My mom learned how to cook it the proper southern way from my great grandma Ellis; bacon grease, cornmeal, flour, and a hot cast iron skillet.


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