Classic Cooking

2 Jan

Sometimes it is interesting to investigate the origins of family recipes. After asking around I have found a few great cookbooks that many of our family favorites originated from. The recipes may have changed some over time, or maybe the cookbook is long forgotten and all we have is a scrap of paper with the recipe scribbled down. I have found a few classic cookbooks that contain some of my favorite family recipes, these cookbooks are good standards to just have around.

I found this in the front of Paul Prudhomme's cookbook, looks like I gave this to my mom when I was a wee 5 years old, I had good taste way back then.


This is a favorite cookbook, and a classic, Paul Prudhomme. My favorite is the Michigan Pasty Pie (I am cooking that tonight, pictures coming soon) It is quite possibly the best pasty pie you will ever have. So flavorful and moist you will forget that anyone ever suggested gravy on a pasty pie.

Michigan Miners Pasties, if you don't know the history of this particular Michigan favorite check out the story here.

You know it's a good recipe when there are sticky finger prints and seasonings stuck all over the pages.

My grandfather recommended this book, another classic! I found a copy for $3.20 used! Martha Dixon was a popular chef from Lansing Michigan in the 1950's and 1960's. She hosted a television show and had this wonderful cookbook. My favorite family recipe from this cookbook is the Country House Pancakes. It is a yeast pancake, very thin, and bubbly. Like no pancake you've ever had! We call them Silver Dollar Pancakes at my house (somehow over time the name changed). I have spent lots of time looking through this cookbook and I can't wait to try more recipes from it!

You can almost smell the syrup and butter, can't you?


One Response to “Classic Cooking”

  1. Easterbunnycakes January 2, 2011 at 3:19 pm #

    Thanks for sharing. Much of what are now popular dishes are just new twists on some old favorites.

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