Page Turners

13 Dec

I am trying to do lots of research on food and the history of food for my senior show! Wanted to share a few books with you that I have been reading for inspiration and research. Warning: reading these books can cause extreme hunger.

History of Food by Maguelonne Toussaint Samat

What I have learned: when tomatoes were first discovered people hated the taste of them!! I know, how could this be? Lots of great information on the origin of all the foods we eat. We often forget that not all the fruits and vegetables and spices we use are native to the United States.

The Food of a Younger Land by Mark Kurlansky

What I have learned: This book is a collection of recipes/stories written by writers of the Works Progress Administration. It details recipes from all over the US like Maine Hot Buttered Rum, and Nebraska Buffalo Barbecue. My favorite chapter details how to properly order food at a soda shop. For example Nervous Pudding (jello), Shake a White (plain milkshake), Break it and Shake it (malted milk with egg) or Cow Juice (milk).

Read a good book about food lately? Let me know! I want to keep reading in preparation for my own cookbook!


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