Meet Clara!

23 Sep

I can’t wait for you to meet Clara! Clara is an amazing 94-year-old grandmother who has videos on youtube where she teaches you how to cook recipes that she remembers from the depression! Her recipes are healthy, and affordable. No high fructose corn syrup or processed and packaged dinners at Clara’s house. What her grandkids are doing is really noble, the way they are sharing their grandmothers recipes and stories with the world. As she cooks she shares stories from the depression and memories of her parents cooking these same recipes. It really puts our current recession in perspective. If people during the depression could cook a healthy dinner for their family and make memories doing it then we really have no excuse!

I have posted a video to one of my favorite recipes Clara makes, it is a staple in my kitchen, baked apples, in fact I made it tonight! I always have the ingredients on hand, and it makes your house smell delicious. I am sure my apartment neighbors could smell the intoxicating aroma wafting from my apartment tonight.  (A little change in the recipe I made, in the bottom of the pan pour a little apple cider or apple juice and the cinnamon and sugar will mix with it and make a gooey caramely cinnamon syrup! yummm!!!) And if you can’t get enough of Clara you can purchase her cookbook on amazon.


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